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Mission Statement

Through an internationally recognized programme that embraces a wide range of cultures, ISL is committed to the development of students being open-minded, balanced, environmentally conscious and principled citizens of the world who will strive for excellence and cherish life-long learning..

School Philosophy

While celebrating the diversity of our school community, the International School of Lusaka seeks to forge a unified and caring community which exhibits mutual respect and understanding, wherein the individual feels welcome and valued. ISL believes that the participation and interaction of all stakeholders of the school community (parents, students, teaching and non-teaching staff) serve to enrich the entire school programme. ISL does not align itself to any political or religious creed.

ISL regards the student as an integrated whole with individual needs. Therefore the School is committed to an educational programme that is designed to meet his/her intellectual, social, ethical, emotional and physical development. The curriculum, pedagogy and organisational structure of the school shall be driven by standards of international education and accreditation.

At ISL we believe that the process of learning is purposeful, active and dynamic for everyone involved. Our students have a wide variety of learning styles, academic abilities, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds. The learning environment is characterised by inquiry, creativity, personal growth, reflection and academic, as well as sporting achievement. Through these learning experiences, ISL strives to develop in students a genuine desire to learn and a conviction that education is continuing and open-ended.

ISL encourages respect and compassion. ISL promotes community service opportunities that throughout the school emphasizing environmental conservation and the common belief in the importance of individual, community and global awareness, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.



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